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CAES ARTernative Energy​ Contest winning entries!​​

The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) ARTernative energy contest highlights the intersection of art and science, using art to create greater awareness and facilitate non-traditional interdisciplinary collaborations in energy research. CAES is a research and education consortium among Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Boise State University (BSU), Idaho State University (ISU), University of Idaho (UI) and University of Wyoming (UW). In October 2015, a call went out to employees, students, and professors at all five institutions to submit art that could create greater awareness and inspire non-traditional interdisciplinary collaborations in energy research.
Over 50 images were submitted and the top four entries from each CAES member institution were selected. All images were captured in the course of energy-related scientific research, and include everything from microscopic views of uranium nitride powder to autofluorescent laser-scanned corn stover to virtual-reality immersion in Wyoming’s geologic formations.

For more information about the CAES ARTernative Energy Contest, contact
Julie Ulrich
(208) 526-1572




World of Uranium
Tidal Wave
Biomass in Blue
A Virtual Peek Beneath Wyoming
Microscopy of a Precursor
Fiber Optic
Formation of Framboids
3 INL - 3rd Place - Iodine Condensate
Corn Stover Streaks
End View of ATR Fuel Element
Laminar, Transition, and Turbulent Flow in A Nuclear Reactor Channel