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<h3>Silicon Carbide Fibers​</h3><hr /><p>Individual fibers of silicon carbide woven together to make a new type of protective fuel cladd​ing​.</p>​​


<h3>Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs​</h3><hr /><p>Scientists seeking to protect groundwater from Strontium-90 observed these two phases of calcium carbonate​.</p>​​


<h3>Crystallographic Silicon Carbide</h3><hr /><p>By studying where fission products congregate, researchers seek to understand how tiny fission products may sneak past a layer of barrier material.</p>​​

<h3>Gold Particles on Carbon Nanotubes</h3><hr /><p>This project is testing carbon nanotube materials that could be used to recover precious metals from acidic liquid waste streams​.</p>

​<h3>Crystal Blue Persuasion</h3><hr /><p>Advanced nuclear fuels can be developed from a better understanding of how fuel in the nation&apos;​s current reactors conducts heat during operation​.</p>